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6th International Conference on Ionic Liquid-Based Materials

The up-coming European ILMAT-VI (6th International Conference on Ionic Liquid-based Materials) will be held from November 22nd-26th, 2021 in Obernai,
thirty minutes from Strasbourg.

This meeting will be a privileged and convivial moment of exchange between scientists from academic and industrial circles who will be able to discuss recent advances in the field of multifunctional ionic materials (ionic liquids, ionic solids, etc.) and in particular their applications in sustainable development.

Nearly 130 participants are expected, half from France, half from other European countries.
They will meet in a privatized hotel complex to maximize exchanges and synergies between chemists, physical chemists and physicists.

Some ILMAT-VI conferences will also be uploaded to the web in real time for viewing by a larger number of listeners.

  • Plenary and keynote lectures on the synthesis and the physicochemical properties of ionic materials.
  • Prospective conferences allowing for strategic thinking open to debate.
  • Thematic sessions presenting research in the form of conferences and posters.
  • The possibility of exhibiting scientific and technical materials
  • Free time at the start of the afternoon to encourage interactions and promote possible collaborations.

At the occasion of ILMAT-VI, we offer you the opportunity to promote your company to the main European players in functional ionic materials.
By becoming a partner of the ILMAT-VI conference, we offer you the possibility to extend your professional network, increase your visibility and notoriety,
and to find possible opportunities for partnerships and development.

You will find bellow the proposals for partnerships which we hope will meet your expectations.