6th International Conference on Ionic Liquid-Based Materials

After Vienna (2011), Montpellier (2013), Berlin (2015), Santiago de Compostella (2017) and Paris (2019), Alsace will host the European Congress ILMAT-VI (6th International Conference on Ionic Liquid-based Materials) in Saint Nabor (Domaine Saint Jacques, thirty minutes from Strasbourg) between November 22nd and November 26th, 2021.

This European conference is devoted to saline materials including ionic liquids and their chemical, physicochemical, physical and biological properties.

If the ammonium, imidazolium, phosphonium, pyridinium, pyrrolidinium and sulfonium are the most common and most studied cations, it is because their associations with different anions can lead to synthetize close to an infinity of new molecules.

These anion-cation combinations govern their physical and chemical properties: melting point, color, viscosity and amphipathic character (balance between the parts hydrophilic and hydrophobic of the molecular structure) and give rise to the mesomorphic state or liquid crystal and opening up prospects for biological activities for these salts.

Among the most interesting properties of these molecular salts are their low melting point and volatility, flammability, high chemical and radiochemical stability, adjustable conductivity and wide electrochemical window. In solution or in the liquid state, they constitute excellent solvents and electrolytes.
For the chemical industry, these molecular salts are booming for hygienic and safety reasons. Also they are found to have more and more applications in areas such as dyes, lubricants, photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, electrolytes for Li-batteries, extraction, depollution and recycling … In biology and medicine, the use of molecular salts and especially liquids ionics have boomed over the past ten years with the development of active pharmaceuticals, pro-drugs, new original vectors for administration drugs and the transfection of genetic materials, solvents for the synthesis of drugs thus stabilization of enzymes in ionic medium.

ILMAT-VI aims to bring our young community together and bridge the gap between fundamental research, theoretical and experimental on these molten salts at room temperature and their industrial applications, bringing together researchers from universities and industry around the world and encouraging discussions and collaborations in a scientific atmosphere and social dynamic to bring out new applications in the field of sustainable development.

Honor Committee of the ILMAT VI international conference:

  • Andreas Taubert (University of Postdam)
  • Oscar Cabeza (University of A Coruña)
  • Elena Lopez Lago (University of Santiago de Compostela)
  • Luis Miguel Varela (University of Santiago de Compostela)
  • Mirielle Turmine (Sorbonne Université, Paris)